School Concerts

There is nothing more fun or more important for the QCJB than playing for kids.

Our presentation stresses that jazz was first created in the USA born of the black, white and hispanic cultures in New Orleans.  We begin with the roots of jazz and blues and conclude with how that early music influenced the music of our current popular music.  The students learn about how our instruments work.  Students will learn through music how  cooperation between the members of any group can produce a satisfying and excellent result. 

This from a Pleasant View Elementary School teacher who understands critical thinking.
Question: Did you enjoy listening to the Queen City Jazz Band at the assembly on Wednesday? Give 3 reasons to support why you enjoyed it or not.

Savannah—“ . . . The music was pretty noisy, but I enjoyed it anyway. . . . This will be a experience that I’ll always remember throughout my life.”

Michael—“ . . . It is awesome that someone made a living playing music. That would be fun and a good way to make money. They made me like jazz.”

John—“I also enjoyed the parts when they were funny, like when one of them mentioned Bach and the other asked who Bach was. . . . I liked goping back in time to when jazz was created . . .”

James—“ . . .f it made me want to dance. . . . I felt like there was not a worry in the worlode. . . . made me happy for the rest of the day. . . . I hope that can come back soon.“

Danny—“I think it was informative because they told us about blues and how it started.”

Chance—“My final reason is thjat they weren’t afraid to go on stage. Tons of people get jitters when they go up in front of people. I get butterflies when I perform whatever in front of, like, 3 people! They must be used to it, I guess.”

Esperanza—“When they were playing their instruments they had rhythm like if they were playing our of their heart.”

Erica—“I didn’t like your music. I loved your music!”

From the Principal: We truly enjoyed having you here—our kids had a great time and learned a lot. Keep Jammin’”—Linda Millard

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