Bringing Music to Life Presents 2018 Instrument Drive, March 5-17 
Learning to play an instrument can have a profound, positive impact on a child, teaching valuable life skills and boosting confidence and self-esteem. And that instrument you have at home can help make it happen. 
From March 5th through the 17th, Bringing Music to Life will hold the 2018 Instrument Drive, collecting donations of gently-used band and orchestra instruments that will be repaired and awarded to deserving music programs throughout the state. 
Last year more than 630 instruments were given to 53 elementary, middle and high schools in Colorado.  
But there are still many more children who want to learn to play but can't afford to rent or buy an instrument.  If you have an instrument you can donate, please do so beginning March 5th. 
Even if you don't have an instrument, you can help by contributing to Bringing Music to Life's repair fund. $150 is all it takes to repair a donated instrument and put it in the hands of a child. Complete information about the upcoming drive is available at